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We know you have a choice of building contractors.
When it comes down to making your selection, consider all the factors that go into choosing a contractor:
Quality, safety, reputation and service.
Quality, safety, reputation and service.

And remember:
Your Winning Move is Always Checkmate!


If you’re looking for home remodeling, either large or small, call us. We can do anything from kitchen and bath makeovers to installing home elevators. We’re not afraid to do the work that others might shy away from. We’ll put in the extra effort to make sure it’s done properly, and meets the most demanding standards – yours.

New Construction

If you need a new home, barn or office building, we’re your go-to source. We’ve seen how much Marion County has grown in recent years, and we’ve done our part to help it along. We can provide you with a top quality building for less than you might think.

Horse Farm Construction

Checkmate Construction is ready to build anything you need for a horse farm. Whether it’s a barn, a covered arena or any other kind of structure, we’re here to serve you.

Because we know the equine industry so well, we know what to do – and what not to. Our Number One priority is to make the structure safe for both horses and people. We are always looking for ways both large and small to protect your animals.

For example, we start by eliminating sharp corners. Every possible corner is rounded to prevent horses from accidentally injuring themselves. Next, we make sure every wall is strong enough to withstand the pressure a horse can place on it. You won’t have to worry about having a horse push on a wall and opening it up.

If you are looking for a full-service construction contractor that has
integrity and expertise and provides you with the craftsmanship you deserve, contact us today.

Contact Us

Send us a message or contact us via phone for more information on how we can make your dream a reality.

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